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Planned topics are those listed below. If you have a topic for discussion to suggest, please comment below or email us. We can’t guarantee we’ll cover every topic that is suggested to us, as it has to interest us enough to either research or already have some knowledge on to share. But, we’ll try. As topics get covered, they will be removed from the list and added to our previous topics page. Please check that page before suggesting a topic in case it’s been covered in a previous episode.

Dark Work
Revisiting Pagan Names
Drum Circle Etiquette
Death and Dying
Full Moon Practices
New Moon Practices
Pagan Rites of Passage
Worship of Lesser Known Deities
Living Gods (see Hindu deities reincarnated into new mortal forms)



  1. Great website guys!
    I was thinking today that it would be nice to have a 101 on solitary paganism or something, even just your opinions on it. Being horribly isolated in Australia I find it a little difficult (and have twice as much concern) about rites and rituals that would require more than one person for safety’s sake and the like.

  2. I know I already stated this on your Facebook page, but it would be interesting to hear you cover Theistic Satanism and Demonolatry. Some good people to look into are Brother Nero (who has his own podcast), Diane Vera, and Venus Satanas.

  3. Great Podcast – glad everyone is back! Maybe you could revisit urban pagan practices. Now that you have a new more country view, how has your pagan views/practice changed? Or did the hwy city noise of your old home not affect your practice? I know living in the concrete jungle I must be missing something that the country pagans have, I just try to adjust. Thanks!

  4. I would like to hear more about your experiences with your own personal gods. Maybe you guys could do shows about each of them? Like a show on Ares, then Loki, then Coyote, then Isis, then Bes (or any other order).

  5. Perhaps you could discuss the need or lack of need for trained spiritual leaders (priestesses, priests, teachers, mentors, ect). Are trained leaders the best people to strengthen ties between pagans in the community? Would “schools” or programs of study help legitimize the use of such leaders in hospitals, hospice, marriages, or other big moments in life? What role should/do such leaders play in creating and maintaining theology?

  6. Maybe something regarding the stuff that leans towards the slightly weird end of the spectrum such as the beliefs that the Pharaohs were actually aliens and is the reason for all the mystery etc.

  7. It would be really informative for many people to discuss Necromancy in all it’s forms. As in its history and the practice of Necromancy today. It still seems to be a taboo topic with many pagans unfortunately. Basically it’s communicating and sometimes divination with the dead. At least that’s what It is to me.

    I just really love your podcast and wish that I could meet you all and join in with your discussions. Unfortunately I am a long way away from you all as I reside in Australia.

    Blessed Be

  8. I am really new to Paganism and I am interested to see what ritual is like for individuals. What are the basics of a ritual? What are things to never do? What are the most forgotten things? I really enjoy your podcast and the different opinions that you all share. Keep up the good works!

    • I think that depends a great deal on what sort of ritual is being done and in what sect of paganism. A Wiccan sabbat celebratory ritual will be very different from, say, a Greater Dionysica in a Hellenic Recon fashion, which would be different from a Wep Ronpet (I am probably not spelling that correctly at all, but I don’t do the Kemetic thing myself, Tereesa is better at that) in Kemetic Recon practice, which is different from an Asatru Blot or Sumble.

      It might be time for us to return to the topic of ritual, since it seems a lot of our older episodes are not available on iTunes any longer and we’ve learned a lot since then. I’ll bring it up to the group. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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