Episode 72: Words and Meanings

We discuss words and meanings, and the little bits of language that irk us, and affect all Pagans.

Bill joins again for this one!


Episode 71: The Dark Side

Exploring the dark side of ourselves can be difficult for most Pagans, as most tend to concentrate on the lighter, happier, side of things. However, acknowledging and facing the dark side is necessary for balance.

After many requests, we delve into ways to deal with your dark side. Suggested rituals to investigate, and a couple of non-ritual ways to deal with things. What to expect, why it should be a team activity, and the best times to do it.

Regarding the iTunes Feed….

So, after receiving a number of complaints about how you can’t go back further than episode 21 on iTunes, I’ve done some digging. Not sure what is going on. It seems to only show the past 50 “episodes” or so. Since Scott can look more into the iTunes feed, we’ll let you know.

In the meanwhile, you can listen to the old episodes by scrolling back on this page and clicking the listen button. You may be able to right click the play button and “save target as” depending on your browser. We’ll keep you updated as we figure it out.

~ Dawn