Here we are, your hosts. There are four of us now. You probably won’t always get all four of us on each episode, that’s a lot of schedules to work around and we don’t all live in the same town. But, rest assured, we do our best to get as many of us together to record as we can.


With a long and winding path in terms of religious and spiritual practices, she always ends up back at Greece. With a strong analytical side and a desire to research things nearly to death, she is happy with a more relaxed form of Greek Polytheist Reconstructionism that borrows a great deal from Hellenismos without having to subscribe to all of it. Personal practice is very important and she doesn’t so much feel that ritual is necessary because she lives it. The Maxims are her guide, her ethics, and everything is done with that mind.

Dawn believes very strongly in the Hellenic belief of having a reciprocal relationship with the divine. The gods are not personal wish-dispensing machines and she looks to them for strength and guidance, not handouts. She likes to look at thinks with an analytic and academic approach, and a bit of humor as well, in terms to get people to think. You don’t have to agree with her, in fact she is glad if you don’t. Then you’ve made up your own mind on the matter.


Even though he’s tried a little of this and a little of that, Scott remains very skeptical about many of the things most spiritual folk take in stride. He sees no reason that science and spirituality cannot coexist and even work well with each other. He strives for scientific explanation and proof of how things work before he can totally accept that they exist.

He tends to refer to himself as an Atheistic Pagan, though occasionally that shifts. He is the one to question the other hosts, ask probing questions and challenge us to explain the detailed reasons why we believe things to be as we believe them to be. Scott is our tech and audio guru who does the actual producing of the show, manages our Libsyn hosting account and keeps the Facebook page up to date. And yes, he and Dawn are married and have been since 2004.


Tereesa has always been drawn to the Egyptian mythos and continues to research it heavily. While she also spent some time working with Wicca she mostly followed an eclectic path that incorporated her love of Egyptian history and mythology with the Celtic wheel of the year. Her focus has has always been more on the Egyptian side of paganism.

With much reflection and research, Tereesa works in a more relaxed form of Kemetic Reconstructionism, focusing as much as she can on pre-Greco/Roman Egypt and therefore generally works with the Egyptian divinities in their true Kemetic names rather than the Hellenized ones. Isis = Aset and so forth. She also has an ongoing interest in the study of shamanism.


The most recent addition to the hosting circle, Bill would describe himself as such: biker, gun enthusiast, child advocate, libertarian polyamorous pagan. He runs Bikers Against Child Abuse of Wisconsin, lobbies for sensible firearm legislation and has fun teasing Scott –which has been misinterpreted as intimidation. Clearly, those people who think Bill intimidates Scott have never met Dawn. 😀

For fun, he plays Devil’s Advocate on almost any topic that comes to hand, although political discussions with hard line Right or Left wingers is his favorite. Although such discussions can be entertaining, he doen’t suffer fools or foolishness lightly. But, for all of that, really, it’s his wife you don’t want to play Cards Against Humanity against.


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