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  1. Hello,
    I have an idea for discussion. Drum circle etiquette.
    1. Fire/fire tender
    2. Dancers
    3. Drummers
    4. Others/Community

    I learned from Don Two Eagles Waterhawk’s book called Sacred Beat: From the Heart fo the Drum Circle. ISBN 1-59003-030-3

    There are many different drum circles but the etiquette applies for all of them.
    I have been djembe drumming for over 3 years at a healing circle held at Mystic Moon in Norfolk VA. It is a healing circle open to all. I also have enjoyed drumming at other local pagan events for the last 4 years in our region. Even some other drummers do not know about drum circle etiquette, especially the new drummers. I think this would be of use to all drummers at the many pagan events all over the country.

  2. Hello! I am .. rather new to your podcast. Which I have quickly fallen in love with (Along with Pagan Centered Podcast and A Darker Side of Pagan). The topics you all discuss are topics I had long wished were discussed! So I thank you greatly for this! Can’t say that I go to many gatherings and events.. I’m kind of a shut in type who can’t function well in large groups and crowds. So hearing about all the things that are happening in the diverse community helps to get an idea.

    Oh! There was something else.. I had come across this blog post.. “Argument against the association of racism with paganism.” ( Not sure if this topic has ever been covered, but was thinking that maybe this would be a good one. I know PCP covered having sexual offenders in the communities.. And the recent one here was about intolerance.. So maybe this will be a good topic to touch upon? Personally, I feel that racism has no place in any community, regardless what it is. We’re all the same species with some degrees of hereditary differences. A person from Africa and have a child with someone from Asia, so it’s obvious we’re genetically the same race. (er.. if this makes sense at all…)

    Anyways! Yeah this went on way longer then intended! So uhm, keep up the awesome work, and thank you for having an amazing podcast with such great topics!

  3. Hi!

    I just want to say I love your podcast. You three are insightful and have made me think. And laugh. So thanks!

    I have a question. What do you feel about spellcraft? Do any of you do magic or workings? You never cover it when discussing your paths. I’m sorry if it’s too personal of a question, I’m just curious.

    Bright Blessings,

    • Ok, digging through old emails and comment notifications, I finally came across your comment. I’m glad you enjoy the show. I think it’s been covered in a previous episode a bit more, but the three of us don’t really practice much in terms of spellcraft. At least not in the way Wiccans or Witches do. We will probably discuss it a bit more in a future episode too.

  4. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful podcast, I have been looking for a podcast which i can relate to and yours is it. I really enjoyed the episodes so far. Thank you so much for your effort bringing us these.

  5. Hi there..

    just thought to let you know i have been listening to your podcast.. that i found via inciting a riot website.. and that i am enjoying it. your subjects are interesting and the discussions around it also interesting. generally it is an excellent listen. !! hooray ok so i am only up to episode 8 so have quite a few to get through, but am liking the way they are evolving so far..

    also.. my blog is called Another Witches Blog, so yeah there is that to.. *grins*

    Another Witch.. from New Zealand

  6. Hello everyone,

    I REALLY enjoy your podcast and appreciate the work that you do with it. I know that you are busy but I want to know a few things. First, will you be doing more podcasts? Second, is there a way to get episodes 1-21 on itunes?

    As a solitary pagan who has never been apart of a covenant I look forward to hearing you speak about/on various topics. You bring wonderful insight with a bit of humor. You do a GREAT service to the pagan community. Keep up the good work!!

    • Hi Sean. We have some newer episodes, I’m just rotten at updating the website right now. They are all available on iTunes.The old episodes should be available on iTunes, but the way Apple keeps changing the program I’m not sure if it is as easy as it used to be. I know you used to be able to right click on the podcast in question and select show all available episodes.

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