Q&A Episode Coming Soon

Hey listeners!

This is Dawn with an update! We shall be recording this weekend, most likely Saturday, December 28th. We have decided, since this season is busy and nothing serious holds our attention for long, that we will be doing a Q&A show.

Do you have questions for us? Can be for one, more, or all of us. If you do, please feel free to send them to us by either commenting here, sending an email to anotherpaganpodcast @ gmail.com or via Facebook. Please, along with your question, tell us if you want to be left anonymous or if you want to be credited with your question, what you want to be called on the show.



Regarding the iTunes Feed….

So, after receiving a number of complaints about how you can’t go back further than episode 21 on iTunes, I’ve done some digging. Not sure what is going on. It seems to only show the past 50 “episodes” or so. Since Scott can look more into the iTunes feed, we’ll let you know.

In the meanwhile, you can listen to the old episodes by scrolling back on this page and clicking the listen button. You may be able to right click the play button and “save target as” depending on your browser. We’ll keep you updated as we figure it out.

~ Dawn

Caught up

Well now, it seems that I am completely caught up on emails as well. Apparently yesterday I got quite the bug up my butt and just got most of it done. I responded to the last email this morning. We will keep closer tabs on contact to us from here on forward, but it may occasionally take a day or two if we are out of town or something.

Again, thank you all with your patience.

Holy Jehosephat

Or however you spell that.

If you’ve only been following us on WordPress or the RSS feed associated with this, you’ve probably thought we’ve been dead since July. That’s just not the case at all. I -Dawn- have just been on a downward health spiral since about PSG that climaxed at the beginning of October into a huge disaster with my doctors, my therapist, my medications and me.

Needless to say, updating this page became the last of my priorities. But it is now updated, and backdated each post to the episodes original air dates, with all our episodes since I left off. I’ve updated the look of our site, added some new pages, added a few photographs, some new information and a place for you to submit your topic ideas in one centralized place.

I’m working on sorting emails still. There’s a lot that require sifting through, some may not be replied to at all since they are so old, some sorting into folders or organizational purposes, and some get actually replied to. Be patient. That’s my goal to finish before the weekend is up.

As usual, you can find us here, on iTunes, on Facebook, via email (all on our contact us page) or through some of the private pagan blogs a couple of us manage. Look in the links list on the far right section for those..

Thank you all for your love, support, healing and patience. Things are looking up now.

Blog Post: Regarding Episode 36

So, we’ve gotten some immediate feedback on Episode 36 and not the sort feedback we expected. Mostly because it feels that the overall intention of the episode was lost except for the single statement Scott made at the end of “if it is one of the bad or stupid ones who abuse or sacrifice animals in the name of some Deity” to call the cops.

I want to include here a copy of the email Tereesa sent to one of our listeners regarding Scott’s comment in the episode. Please, read this and understand that offense was not meant towards those who do engage in sacrifice in a logical non-abusive manner.

While I cannot speak directly for Scott, even though I know where he was coming from with that, I am able to give you my opinion. The key word in that sentence is ABUSE.

I completely understand and agree with the notion of sacrifice being an integral part of certain religious paths. Dawn herself, with Hellenismos, while not doing the actual slaughtering, has used animal parts in sacrifice for her deity in rituals she has held open to the public. This is not the kind of sacrifice we are against.

There is a huge difference between sacrificing a boar in the name of Freyr and hanging a living dog from a tree for nine days in sacrifice to Odin. Where the line needs to be drawn, in my opinion, is between sacrifice, and abuse and suffering. While I respect the Heathen path, and have a very dear friend who is Asatru, you can bet that if I witnessed someone doing something like that, I would feel the need to step in. Our friend would as well, I’m sure. We ourselves have had wild boar for our Yule dinners when we put a Norse spin on the holiday. No, we didn’t do the bloodletting ourselves, as we do not have the means or location to make that work, but the concept was still there. The problem occurs when the line is crossed into cruelty.

I am reminded of a story someone once told us about an occurrence in a beef slaughter house. A portion of the plant was set aside for Kosher slaughtering. A specific knife needs to be used to cut the throat. In this case, the knife was so dull that the Rabbi was actually sawing the animals neck. There was no question that the animal was in severe pain and suffering needlessly. The man who worked there and was overseeing the task stepped in with his own blade to end the animal’s suffering, informing the Rabbi that if he wanted to continue to come there again, he better be back with a sharper knife.

What we are referring to, without proper clarification in the cast, are the cults that watch Hollywood movies and take them too far, or who are using religion to authenticate their sadistic natures. Unfortunately, they are out there. Fortunately, I have yet to encounter one personally. But the point was that if I came across someone torturing animals like that, the police would be the first number I would call.

Thank you for pointing out what we should have. All too often we forget that while we have known each other so long and understand what the others say, our listeners don’t have that benefit. We get so relaxed in the studio, as if we are just holding a conversation, that we miss things like this too often. I will make sure we clarify what was meant by that statement in the next podcast.


I felt this needed to be addressed immediately. Sacrifice, in and of itself, is not negative. Actually, in lieu of recording this coming Saturday’s episode on Ownership and Reclaiming, we are going to dedicate the episode to discussion of sacrifice. What it is, what it means, different sorts of sacrifice and so forth. Please send us your feedback and comments regarding sacrifice as we would like information from our listeners as well as our personal opinions. Please feel free to comment on the website or to send us an email to anotherpaganpodcast@gmail.com



Update from Dawn

If you follow us here on the website instead of on iTunes, you’ve probably thought we’ve disappeared for good. No, that’s no the case I just couldn’t bring myself to update the site with the new episodes.

Things have been rough and right now, I’m the only one who knows how to update this site.

For those who haven’t listened to the most recent episode yet, or follow us on Facebook, you might not be aware that Scott and I lost our animal companion a few weeks ago and it’s been very hard on me. I’ve had Fizgig since he was born and I was with him at his passing. Cancer is a bitch, it always seems to take the sweetest individuals -both human and animal, with little regard, leaving the bitter bastards behind. He was my light, ht was my world and he was every bit a child to me.

I’m going to teach Scott how to update this so that in case I can’t do it, someone can. I apologize for the lack of update.

carry on.