About the Podcast

Another Pagan Podcast is a short, usually under an hour, podcast hosted by three four individuals from Northeast Wisconsin who have paganism and a love of thoughtful discussion in common. Well, other things too, but you’ll learn that a bit with each episode. We strive to learn through discussion both with each other and from our listeners.

Episodes used to be a weekly (usually) 30 minute show where we’d tackle one topic of discussion and cover it as much as we could in the short time. Due to scheduling problems and so forth, we’ve changed our format to a looser structure of discussion, varying more around the 45-60 minute mark once every two to three weeks. You’ll hear us digress a bit more, argue with each other and go a little more in depth on the topics we do choose. We’ll also address listener feedback on a far more regular basis.

Your hosts are Dawn, Scott, Tereesa and Bill/Strings… who you will hear us refer to by both names quite regularly. Look at the host page for more information on us, or look at the links on the side for other places to publicly find some of us on the internet such as blogs or other podcasts. We are all on Facebook, but some of us keep our private lives quite separate from the podcast and don’t usually add fans to our friend-lists. If you wish to contact one of them directly, send a message through the Facebook page or to our email and it will get forwarded appropriately.

This podcast is the brainchild of Dawn, who rather missed podcasting and wanted to share her experiences in paganism with others in a very relaxed forum. She enlisted her husband and her close friend Tereesa to help her with the show. Needing a bit more balance to round us out, and wanting a bit ore variety in opinion as well as experience, Bill was added to our cast after he guested on a few episodes and we received a lot of very positive feedback. He’s also a great motivator.

There are some costs involved with the podcast. Most of which is our hosting on Libsyn and the personalized domain name. If you are interested in donating to help us cover our costs, please contact us and we’ll tell you how to send funds along. But we do this for the love of it.

If you have questions, or want to leave feedback, you can contact us via email, comment or Facebook.


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  1. Hi,
    This will be pretty short because I’m typing on a phone. I have a question for Dawn. When I first came to paganism, I started following the Hellenic pantheon with the methods of ADF. However, several months after having started, I had a massive bout of OMG NONE OF THIS COULD BE REAL ( I was previously an atheist ), and basically said to the entire Hellenic pantheon “YOU ARE NOT REAL!”. Since then, I have tiptoed around the entire pantheon because I’m basically afraid of godly anger. I want to know, is this logical?


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