Episode 71: The Dark Side

Exploring the dark side of ourselves can be difficult for most Pagans, as most tend to concentrate on the lighter, happier, side of things. However, acknowledging and facing the dark side is necessary for balance.

After many requests, we delve into ways to deal with your dark side. Suggested rituals to investigate, and a couple of non-ritual ways to deal with things. What to expect, why it should be a team activity, and the best times to do it.


1 Comment

  1. Thank you for the insight!
    I very much agree with what you all had to say about the ‘dark-side.’ Every light has a shadow and behind every shadow there is light – one cannot exist without the other. Although some beliefs place more emphasis on one aspect over the other, I personally feel that one can never be spiritually “whole” if you choose to disregard or subjugate part of your essence whether it’s because you’re obsessed with the dark or because you’re afraid of the dark and would rather bask in the light like a plant. Sometimes the brightest Light can be found within oneself and to find and truly appreciate that Light, you’re gonna have to dig deep into your inner Darkness.

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