Episode 63: Fox News and Douchbaggery

We discuss Fox News, and the Pagan backlash. We also offer our suggestions on how Pagans can effect real change in the world, and be taken seriously by the non-Pagan world out there.

We also debut a new APP theme!



  1. Greetings! Just wanted to drop all of you a line and say I love the podcast. I bumped across it a few months ago (I think another podcaster mentioned it) and I have been hooked since! I have back tracked to earlier episodes to get caught up and enjoy the open, eclectic conversation since each of you follow unique paths. I am a (respectful) eclectic myself so I find interest in all of your topics. I also like how you approach our own pagan community from a real world perspective, because let’s be honest, most of us are out there working, taking care of family, going to college, etc., and just trying to find time now and then to have a brew or two on the deck in the Sun or Moonlight. So escape is fine now and then, but we also apply our beliefs to our daily lives.
    Keep them coming!
    If you read some mail on the show you can use my name as posted, no problem.

    Oh, do not like the new intro tune at all, try another 🙂

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