Holy Jehosephat

Or however you spell that.

If you’ve only been following us on WordPress or the RSS feed associated with this, you’ve probably thought we’ve been dead since July. That’s just not the case at all. I -Dawn- have just been on a downward health spiral since about PSG that climaxed at the beginning of October into a huge disaster with my doctors, my therapist, my medications and me.

Needless to say, updating this page became the last of my priorities. But it is now updated, and backdated each post to the episodes original air dates, with all our episodes since I left off. I’ve updated the look of our site, added some new pages, added a few photographs, some new information and a place for you to submit your topic ideas in one centralized place.

I’m working on sorting emails still. There’s a lot that require sifting through, some may not be replied to at all since they are so old, some sorting into folders or organizational purposes, and some get actually replied to. Be patient. That’s my goal to finish before the weekend is up.

As usual, you can find us here, on iTunes, on Facebook, via email (all on our contact us page) or through some of the private pagan blogs a couple of us manage. Look in the links list on the far right section for those..

Thank you all for your love, support, healing and patience. Things are looking up now.


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